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Nordplus Collaboration project
🇱🇻 Latvia - Ecological Future Education
🇱🇹 Lithuania - Marijampole VET center
🇱🇹 Lithuania - University of the Third Age
🇫🇮 Finland - BRAHE Raahe Vocational School

The idea of the project is to research old eating habits, traditions and methods of making healthy food of our countries, revive them into modern life and make use of them in modern days. The aim is to combine ecological issues with culinary heritage of Baltic and Nordic countries. The project will elaborate the training package (training-methodological material) for adult learners and create electronic recipe book containing food recipes of all partner countries.

The international project team will research how ancient Lithuanians, Latvians and inhabitants of Finland made food from the most simple products by tanning, fermenting herbs, cabbages, beetroots, fish etc. 

The project will collect and renew recipes of making these products, produce and present products to communities during some events or festivals. The electronic recipe book of the healthy food will be used for adults learning, but it is possible to use for anybody interested in the ecological way of life, thus promoting healthy living style.


The aim of the project is promoting healthy life, ecological environment and green environment.


The results of the project include Recipe book and Training package concerning eating habits and traditions in ancient Lithuania, Latvia and Finland, comparison of methods used to preserve food, the most used products, etc. The description of ecological popular products made from vegetables, herbs, fruit, fish, meat, culinary heritage examples, comparison between countries.

The results of the project:

Recipe book of healthy food making recipes of ecological, natural made products, dishes.

Available in four languages:

Marijampole, Lithuania​
During the meeting partners had the chance to meet in person and create stronger personal connection, discuss and define the common approaches and tools to be utilised to implement the tasks. 
Partners discussed different education systems in various countriesand common training approaches and how to improve them, how adult education is provided and offered in each partner country and partner organization, and also discuseds EU regulation in relation to adult education.
During the project meeting partners took educational and cultural trip to Paežeriai Manor to learn more about Lithuanian history and culture, and to Virbalis- Education centre to explore Lithuanian traditional crafts and foods.